Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Big snow of 2010 - by Joyce Hart

Do you remember when you were a kid and loved the snow? We lived in Des Moines, Iowa and we had many snowy days there. We made snow angels and went sledding down huge hills. Jim & I courted on ice skates. What fun to go to the shelter house by the fire and drink hot chocolate. Our mothers and the church ladies made big pots of chili and more hot chocolate when we had church sledding parties. We didn’t mind wearing long underwear and thick socks. Then we came in the house with red rosy cheeks and peeled off those wet clothes so we could get by the fire to get warm. I actually did walk a mile to school (one way) when I was five.

Jim & I have also lived in other cold places, Sturgis, SD, Sheridan, WY, Colorado Springs, CO, Grand Island, NE, & Fremont, OH. Western Pennsylvania is milder than we ever would have thought when we moved here. So, we’ve been spoiled. The news said we have this kind of winter about every 15 years. Not so bad. We think about moving to FL but Jim hates the summers there, so we’ll stay here where we have one son and his family.

February has been in interesting month here in Pittsburgh, PA. We’ve had about 2 and ½ feet of snow since last Saturday. We’re setting records. Needless to say, I haven’t been out of the house much. We can only gain entrance to our house through our basement. Our front porch and steps are full of snow. We did clean them once, but Jim shoved snow off of part of our roof because the snow is so heavy. Guess where it landed? On the front porch. Our dog, Abbie, has a little trough behind our sun room and that’s the only place she can go. The snow is too deep for her venture far. Our patio is a big snowy area; the patio table and grill are covered and piled high. For some reason Jim didn’t put the covers on them this year. I think he wants a new table and chairs and a new grill. Hmm. We’re looking at another storm on Monday. Maybe the weatherpersons will change their minds. They sure missed it on this one. They said – 4 to 8 inches on Saturday.

Everything was closed down; most churches had no services on Sunday. Our church had no power and then there is the problem of moving the snow so people can park. Schools were out all week, many businesses were closed. My beauty shop was closed, can you imagine!! Interstate highways were shut down; we didn’t get mail delivery for two days. There was no place for the mailman to park his truck. People are shoveled out and life is returning to normal a little bit.

We’re fortunate, we did not lose our power, except for a few minutes a few times, and we have plenty of food in the house. We’ve been warm and I’ve made potato soup, chili and vegetable beef soup. It’s that kind of weather. I have resisted the urge to bake. Why is it cold weather makes you want to bake? 230,000 families in our area have lost power, some briefly, others still have no power. One of our neighbors is in Florida (wise woman) and we noticed her family lugging suitcases and bags into her house a couple days. Probably no power at their house. Another family is moving in across the street, that’s really fun in this deep snow.
I thank the Lord that we have been safe and warm. I probably got more work done than I would have, because I didn’t go anywhere. I read manuscripts and sent out proposals. It has been so tempting to curl up with a book and read.

I know many of you who read this blog have been snowed in as well; some further east got more snow than we did. It is a winter to remember.

God bless you everyone. I hope those of you in cold climates are safe and warm in your homes and that you authors are writing, writing, writing.

In His service,
Joyce Hart


Millie Samuelson said...

As I read your blog, Joyce, I felt like I was in a Janette Oke novel! What a delightful account of tough times. Weekend blessings!

patriciazell said...

Although we didn't have as much snow here in West Central Ohio, our schools were closed for three days. One of the biggest concerns with snow days for schools is that many of our students are on free and reduced breakfasts and lunches. When school isn't in session, there's a good chance many of those students don't have enough food to eat. (Hunger is a real problem in this economy.)

We're not suppose to get that much snow on Monday, but the last time light snow was in the forecast, we received tons of it. So, we'll see. Meanwhile, have a great week! :-)

Rita Gerlach said...

We got it bad in Frederick, Maryland, Joyce. Over 52 inches of snow. I've never seen anything like it on this scale. But honestly, I cannot wait for spring, to see the buds on the trees, bulbs sprouting, and hear robins singing.

Caroline said...

Loved reading about your memories, Joyce. Bring back some of mine own. Thanks for reminding us that we still have lots of blessings!

Carrie Turansky said...

Hi Joyce,
I loved reading about your adventures of being snowed in. Glad you are safe and warm and still have power. We've had a lot of snow here in NJ too, about 2 feet after this last storm. A few more inches predicted tonight. We were able to have church on Sunday and a fun Valentines Dinner on Saturday night. Thank goodness! After all that planning it would have been a shame to have to cancel.
Oh, and I am getting a lot of writing done too. I am almost finished with the novella that is due 2/28, and I am looking forward to working on my next book!