Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Join us for a guest blog by Diana's client Lisa Hess


My sister vows that I'm contributing to the demise of the printed word. My husband fears that instant access to seemingly endless titles will drive my amazon bill to new heights. They may both be right to a certain extent, but still, I love my Kindle.

A birthday gift from the very man who scrutinizes our credit card bills, my Kindle is absolutely my new favorite toy. Truth be told, I was a little unsure of whether or not it would be worth the price tag. It took merely days for it to earn its keep.

I love the instant gratification - er - access. I heard about a book on NPR today, looked it up on my Kindle tonight, and I already have a sample of the book awaiting me, at my beck and call.

I love being able to read the newspaper in a confined space, without getting my hands and clothes dirty.

I love being able to carry around a pile of books in a compact, lightweight, lime-green encased rectangle. Perhaps best of all, I can feed my insatiable book appetite and flip from title to title without having to worry about where I will shelve all the books when I am finished with them.

True, my Kindle doesn't have the feel of a book, though with the cover, it comes close. It doesn't have the heft, either, which is both gratifying and a little sad. As an author, I'd readily agree to make my book available this way, but I'd also feel a little cheated if it wasn't also available in traditional book form.

Much as I love my new toy, however, I still can't imagine abandoning traditional books completely, although I must admit to being more selective about which ones I'll purchase in that form, for reasons of both space and price. I have no intention of ceasing my weekly trips to the library either, believing firmly as both a reader and a writer that there is a place for all kinds of books - hardcover, paperback, electronic, audio - and that my Kindle love is simply proof of that belief.

So, if you'll excuse me, I have a newspaper, several book samples, novels and non-fiction electronic texts clamoring for my attention. Having all of those options, literally a touch away may be the best part of all.

Thanks for making us all smile today Lisa. I would imagine a whole lot of authors, writers and others have added a kindle to their Christmas wish list. Stop by and visit Lisa's blog, The Porch Swing Chronicles. You will be glad you took the time. www.l2hess.blogspot.com/

Happy Fall,


Jeanette Levellie said...

Lisa: I said I'd never own one, but have entered a contest to win one. I like your Best of Both Worlds approach.

I wonder if they make them now to smell like real books...

Lara Van Hulzen said...

I agree completely. I don't normally buy non-fiction books on my kindle because I write and highlight in them so much (although you can highlight on the kindle as well), but I love to have as many novels as I want with me on my one, little machine. :-) I also have an iphone and can get all my kindle books on there as well. Amazing.
I love the feel of a book in my hands - I will never let that go. But with the pace of the world today and the way that I travel, it is nice to not lug around a huge backpack like I used to of books. Now I just carry my kindle.

Diana Flegal said...

I am a huge highlighter of non fiction titles as well. So good to know I can do this on a kindle. Thanks Lara.

Lisa Lawmaster Hess said...

Jen -

I hope you win that Kindle! If I hadn't gotten mine as a birthday gift, I'm not sure I would have splurged, but now that I have one, I'm so glad I do!

Lara -

I haven't figured out how to highlight on the Kindle yet...guess I should finish reading that manual!


Thanks for putting this up on the Hartline blog! I'll have to remember to tell my sister that she's famous in a new place!