Monday, February 15, 2016

The Last Season of Downton Abbey by Linda S. Glaz

On Sunday nights, you can still hear the sound of sniffling and tears. From individual homes to Season Six parties, the sobs aren’t because Lord Grantham is ill, they are because it’s probably the last time we’ll see Lord Grantham ill. The last time Mary will find a new beau, and no doubt the last time we’ll empathize with poor Edith being rejected.

Sadness over the last episode of Downton is nothing new. Readers have experienced the same type of withdrawal for centuries.

Stephanie Plum will have to choose between Ranger and Morelli eventually or there will be a revolt against Evanovich. Sue Grafton is going to reach Z before long and then what next? 

Successful writers are able to keep their readers returning book after book. With no closure? 

Amazing. And still the hungry readers return time and again, dollar after wonderful dollar to get another installment.

And Downton’s writer created the same environment. One that lured us in and has been able to keep us returning through financial crises, war, romances—good and bad, and, of course, the constant battles and strange friendship between Isobel and Violet Crawley.

Wait! That reminds me of the peculiar love/hate relationship that exists with Ranger and Morelli. Really!?! How does she do that?

A good writer for either books or movies is a good writer. It’s that talented individual who continues to tell a wonderful story. Who not only draws the reader in but keeps him or her drooling over the next installment.

I have to ask, as you proof your story, are you going to be able to keep your reader turning pages?
Think outside the box. Think Downton. Will readers be begging you for just one more season?


Diana Flegal said...

I'm leaning toward Ranger but she could bring in a new guy that sweeps her off her feet and leaves the other two wondering lol

Linda Glaz said...

Why do we always lean toward the bad boys??? LOL But then, again, I guess both of hers are bad boys! hahahaha