Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Words Can Build You Up by Diana Flegal

This past Saturday, the day before Mothers Day, Hartline client and dear friend Margie Houmes was killed in a head on collision. Margie was a woman that impacted every one she met. Her passion was tangible. No one could resist her joy or deny her vibrant faith was very real to her. She made us all hungry for the same. Her prayers brought down heaven and I was changed by them.

Margie was a writer. Her bible study on Ruth is right now sitting on several publishers virtual desks. Knowing others were interested in what she had to say made her happy.  

A popular song sung by Hawk Nelson came to mind when I was thinking about Margie this morning. It is a song about the importance of our words. It goes, “words can build you up, words can break you down”. (Please listen to the youtube here).

Margie lived to encourage and her words “lifted us to places we’ve never been”.

I struggled to write a tribute for her. Then I decided to use a few of her words.

Margie shared with so many:

When dreams die …unimaginable restoration is still on the horizon.

Margie listened to everyone’s story and then offered this when some asked:

            Is there a way out? Can good things—or a good life-- ever come my way? The answer is a resounding yes. There is hope... the same God who restored Ruth and Naomi has made a way—for you!  

Her mission was to help women learn their value and worth through a revelation of God’s kindness - knowing His devotion to exalt them would liberate women to make godly choices and walk into their destiny.

Last week Margie sent me a powerful prayer. Here is just a portion of it:  

Dear Diana,

I have really had you on my heart...even during the night. The Lord will finish what He began. … Do not lose heart, only look to Jesus. … That is all you need to do...look at His His faithfulness. He is wonderful. He loves you. He loves your son.

I love you,


I am just one of the many blessed by her encouraging life. She will be missed but what an example of how to live out our faith. Let’s all step up and speak life to those we meet as Margie did. Our words have power. And life is fleeting.

Thank you for keeping her family and friends in your prayers. She is sorely missed.


Linda Glaz said...

Such sad news, but I have no doubt her message will live on in many hearts.

Wendy L. Macdonald said...

Diana, Margie sounds like she was a beautiful woman with a beautiful mission. Lovely tribute and song. I'm sorry your time with her was cut short on this side of heaven.

Blessings of His peace ~ Wendy ❀

Diana Flegal said...

That is the beauty of our words- they make an impact and they live on in those we share them with. Both you Linda, and Wendy do just that with your writing. :-)Please continue to do so. It makes a difference.

Elaine Miller said...

What a sweet tribute to a woman I did not know. May we all write and speak words that encourage. What a precious gift from God written in her last note and prayer for you, Diana. May we each never miss writing those words God puts in our hearts to write for the glory of God and in memory of Margie. She has spurred me on to keep writing

Prayer hugs of comfort for all missing her.

Lilly Sanders Ubbens said...

What a beautiful tribute and a reminder to never take our words for granted. They are so vitally important. Blessings, Lilly.