Monday, March 16, 2015

Returning the Favor by Linda S. Glaz

Do you love to do a review for a friend or acquaintance to help them get the word out on their new books? All of your friends and the author’s have asked you to do a review, and you’re pleased that they asked.

You start the read, and yesiree, it’s as good as you were hoping. You put other chores aside and dig in. Now the fun part. You write a clever review and even go the extra mile by posting it in four different places. You feel good. You’ve helped. If you really liked it, you even ask other friends to buy and do a review, or, you buy the ebook for your friends and offer it in exchange for a review.

You offer to do an interview on your blog. Maybe offer a free copy of the book to a lucky commentator. Once again, you feel as if you’ve done your part to help a fellow author get his or her work out there.

Fast forward six months give or take…maybe a year or two. Your newest book is now ready for endorsements or reviewers. You’re excited, can’t wait to get the buzz started about the novel. And you know for sure you have some folks who will be happy to have a read for you. But instead, you find yourself at the end of:
“Gee, sorry. I’m just so busy. Have edits that must get done.”
“You know how much I’d just love to, but I don’t read that genre, not really.”
“Gosh, if you had just ask me last: week, month, decade…I’d have been there for you, but today I’m so doggone busy I can’t.”
“The cat sneezed and I can’t take my eyes off of her.”
“I…coughed this morning. Sorry.”
…and so on and so forth. Sometimes folks truly are busy, but more often than not…

OR, a big name author was kind enough to do an endorsement for you, the newbie, but when you are ask to do the same the next go ‘round, once again, you don’t have time for that newbie.

Do you make the effort to help someone out? Repay the favor? Or do you live on a one-way street?


Terri Tiffany said...

The cat sneezed and I can’t take my eyes off of her.” LOL Loved this example! I love to help out other authors. They are who helped me. But yes you are always going to run into a few who forget and don't want to return the favor. I try not to dwell on them and go with those who aren't that way. God will send along someone else to help. :)

Ashley Ludwig said...

Great post and question!!

The TBR list is high!!!! I figure it's like the 10% rule, and unbridled praise gets us nowhere.... 10% who review will also be the ones to suggest your book for their book club, purchase them for gifts, and sing your praises poolside while waving a copy. I'd rather a few faithful following than a plethora of half hearted praises.

Linda Glaz said...

I think a lot of it has to do with "why" we are writing. What is at the core of our writing experience.

Patty Wysong said...

Busy lives make it so hard to juggle everything, and I think you're right about the WHY we are writing, Linda. That plays in so heavily when we're making these decisions on time and it can bite us both ways--doing what's good is often easier than what's best for us at that time.

Linda Glaz said...

It is difficult to balance everything.