Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Your Vote Counts by Andy Scheer

If you live in a district where people go the polls today, I hope you’ll cast your ballot.

Working in a business where multiple gatekeepers can veto what I submit, I appreciate the level ground that election day offers.

My ballot offered some interesting options. Living in Colorado, I could say whether I want to raise my income taxes for a measure to improve education — or not, depending on which proponents one believes. And I could vote on a statewide tax on the sale of marijuana, something voters legalized last November.

Perhaps most important, I could select which three of five candidates would serve on the local school board. That’s as grassroots a decision as it gets.

And a tough choice. Though we may disagree on the means, I salute anyone willing to attend school board meetings in the hope of assuring our children get a good education. From a purely selfish perspective, my living — and that of many of my friends — depends on people wanting to buy something to read. But I know much more is at stake.

If you can complete a ballot today I hope you vote: for members of the school board and whatever other choices you face.

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