Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sharing Our Passion for Books by Diana Flegal

When visiting Pittsburgh a week ago, walking with my son in his neighborhood on the way to his favorite coffee shop, he said he wanted to show me something I would really like.

This book box was built by a resident and placed in his front yard as a book exchange. It is a 'take one leave one' deal.

It even has solar panel lighting so that browsers can read the titles at night.

My son and I each found something. I found a hard back of  Anne Perry's title; Dark Assassin in her William Monk series. She is one of the authors I collect and this was a hard cover of one I had yet to read and own. A rare thing. My son found a CD on relaxing breathing.

 The next day I pulled my car up- opened my trunk and dug out 6 books I just happened to have in my trunk left over from my family reunion auction and Curtis and I stocked the box.

It was fun.  

Have any of you spotted a similar box in any of your neighborhoods? There is a movement underway to place these box throughout the country. Thank you to Lora Zill for pointing me in the direction of this site Little Free Library. Check it out. It lists places all over the country where these little libraries are located at. If there is not one near you- maybe you can build one and offer it.

Something to think about. :-)


Sarah Thomas said...

There's one at Dough on Merrimon Avenue in Asheville. Check it out and pick up a pastry while you're there!

Diana said...

Sarah, Thanks for that! I will :-) We should meet there soon.

Mary L. Hamilton said...

I love this idea! How cool!

Lora Zill said...

A variation of this is called "Little Free Library." Little book kiosks are located in downtown Erie, PA where people can leave or pick up books. see for locations all over the nation! Such a cool idea!

Diana said...

Lora, I bet that might be where they got this idea. Do you care if I add that to this blog so others can see the link right away?
Thanks :-)