Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Authentic Voice by Diana Flegal

As we head into a New Year we often look at how we can step up our game and become better at what we do for the Glory of God. For writers and agents alike this means learning new skills and honing our craft.

Networking is a word that makes many of us cringe. This past year I found myself paddling fast to keep up. Technology seems to always be one step ahead.

In proposal's of old, an author would state; "I will develop a website at the time of contract which I will use to promote my book'. Several years ago, authors had to step up their game and prepare a website as they pitched their titles. Agents and editors then asked authors to blog and network. FB has become the standard connection in author communities and twitter book signings a the new virtual tool. Blog tours and guest blogging are something an author must be willing to be a part of.

As I considered highlighting the one thing I felt would be most helpful to my clients and the readers of our blog heading into the New Year, I received a book in the mail from New York Times bestselling author Cecil Murphey titled; Unleash the Writer Within.

Real, Transparent, Gutsy and Straightforward, Cec's title asks a pivotal question each writer needs to ask themselves, whether beginning their writing journey or mid career. Why Do You Write? Is your answer gut level honest or profound sounding but untrue.

"If you believe you have a gift to write, consider it the foundation on which you build. You still need to learn the skills to express what you want to say".

Cec admits to writing, "to find out who I am".
In his writers workshops, Cec has found the real reason writers write is rarely ever, "to make money".

"Everything you write reveals something about who you are- even your attempts at self-concealment. Your most honest writing becomes your best writing."

Wishful, magical thinking will not make you a good writer."We need to continue improving our writing skills but in the process we can't forget who we are. If we do, our voices become lifeless. The words may sound beautiful, but they will not express our true selves."

If you desire to discover who you are, develop your voice, learn to write with heart, become authentic to your readers, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Cec's book.

You have unique stories to tell the world, teachings and words that will inspire and encourage others. So what are you waiting for? It is time to unleash the writer within!

Happy New Year to one and all!


Jeanette Levellie said...

Thanks for sharing this, Diana. I must download that on my new Nook and read it right away! Although some may find Cec too transparent for comfort, I find his candor encouraging. He reminds me of Jesus--gutsy and good.

Happy New Year,

Diana said...

Interesting comment Jen, transparency does sometimes make people uncomfortable in person. I think in a novel or nonfiction self help title- it is definitely a plus.
Glad you are going to check it out. I am learning a lot from it.

Caroline said...

Why beat about the bush? I like straightforwardness (mixed w/kindliness :) ) What good will it do to cover up what we need to acknowledge & work on? Thanks for the post. Lots of truth in it.

Linda Glaz said...

You are so right. After a while, all the editing turns a work stale. How to find the good balance...

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the post, Diana. Why do I write? I can't not write. And I do it to spread the glorious message that Jesus saves! Happy New Year! Have a wonderful year serving our Wonderful Lord.

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