Friday, July 1, 2011

Terry's Client Richard Brown's New Title Releases

Trusting God With the Rest of Your Life, a new book from author Richard Brown is set to release July 4th from Crossover Publications. Publisher Randall Mooney said, "I believe it is a really great book and can help a lot of "mature" folks mature in Christ even more. Of all the great moments in the book I still chuckle at 'Remember Lot's Wife's Husband.' I pray God opens the doors for this work in more ways than we can make happen on our own."

Richard has been a Youth Pastor/Christian Education Director (5 years), a Senior Pastor (19 years), college professor and Dean of the Simpson Graduate School of Ministry (12 years), then moved to Vice President of Spiritual Formation (1 year) which was ultimately joined to his present position as Vice President for Student Development at Simpson University, Redding, California. During those years of pastoring and teaching, he had an up-close look at the faith development (or lack of development) in many lives. This experience gave him plenty of illustrations to use of people who did or did not learn to trust God with the rest of their life.

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