Thursday, June 23, 2011

Terry's client Jonathan Wakefield signs contract

Jonathan has just signed a contract with Oak/Tara for his title "Fatal Reality."

Kyle Borders simply wanted to share his faith with a huge audience as he participated in the first reality show broadcast live on the Internet. But that faith is tested when Daniel Vats—the show’s creator—thrusts Kyle into a fight for survival, kidnapping the contestants and forcing them to run a race on a South Pacific island where only the winner will be allowed to live.

Fatal Reality will attract anyone who enjoys an action-packed thriller that also addresses challenging spiritual and cultural issues. This encompasses primarily a Christian audience, but it may also reach a segment of the secular audience seeking stories that delve deeper into morality and philosophy than what they normally read. Fatal Reality could be the perfect alternative for those who enjoy authors like James Patterson or David Morrell. And as reality shows continue to draw and fascinate a large number of viewers, a thriller focused on a reality show gone awry featuring a life-and-death struggle may attract some of those viewers.

The author has had short stories published in The Rose & Thorn, The Messenger, and Parables, has have written articles for various magazines and journals, including New Man, Men of Integrity, Live, The Gem, VP1, and the Richmond Times-Dispatch. This is his debut novel but he has a sequel well underway and is working on a third book. He is a member of the Christian Writers Guild and has completed the Apprentice, Journeyman, and Craftsman levels of their “What’s Your Story?” curriculum. He has trained under authors Jerry B. Jenkins, John Perrodin, James Scott Bell, Jeff Gerke, and Douglas Hirt.

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Jeanette Levellie said...

Congratulations, Jonathan! It's wonderful to see young men taking the Gospel to the masses via writing. May this be only the beginning of many published books for you!