Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guest Blog by Sharon Elliott and a note from Diana

Some of you have noticed my absence from our Blog and face book conversations. My Dear Daddy, this past Thanksgiving week, had a series of strokes that took his life Dec 10th. I found myself in a Desert Place, like this blog of Sharon Elliot's speaks of. Many of you have prayed for me and your prayers and loving support have been greatly appreciated and HE has been the lifter of my head. I am a true life testimony of God's Goodness and blessings, even in the desert. Books have ministered to me here. Blogs and words of encouragement and the testimony of others that have gone before me, orphans themselves. Oh how good it is to be in community. How wonderful it is to be 'baked in the loaf' that is God's family. May these words from author Sharon Elliot minister Grace to you in your desert place as well as it has to mine.

Love and prayers to all our From the Heart readers,


God's Care in the Desert

When the children of Israel were on their way to the Promised Land, they had to walk through the desert. Not coincidentally, one of the arid places through which they traveled was called the Desert of Sin (Exodus 17:1). Naturally, it was hot and dry. It didn’t take long before the people were complaining about not having water to drink. When the tumult got so bad that the people were about ready to stone Moses, God told him, “Walk on ahead of the people. Take with you some of the elders of Israel and take in your hand the staff with which you struck the Nile, and go. I will stand there before you by the rock at Horeb. Strike the rock, and water will come out of it for the people to drink” Exodus 17:5-6 (NIV).

We can learn several things for ourselves from this small segment of Scripture.

* Sometimes, when we set out to where we know God’s called us, we’ll need to walk through some desert places or situations.

* Sin is ever-present, even as we are following hard after God. We must watch out for it.

* Expect for some hot and dry times. As we journey to where God wants us, heated contentions with others may rise, and we may feel like the anointing has dried up and God is not with us. We must, however, no matter what, stay the course. Until He changes our direction, we can trust the voice we know we heard at the beginning.

* God will always go before us.

* Remember God’s track record. Notice that Moses was specifically directed to use the same “staff with which [he] struck the Nile.” When times get rough, bring back to your remembrance the miracles God’s done before. He hasn’t changed.

* Expect the nourishment you’ll need. God is not a sadist; He does not derive pleasure from inflicting pain on us. He loves to nourish us and is well able to nourish us even when all around us is bleak and dry.

By all natural laws, water does not come from rocks. But we’re not dependent upon natural laws. We’re dealing with the One who created natural laws. Since He created them, He is perfectly free to break them, and He often does so on our account.

Don’t second-guess yourself when you find yourself walking through desert places after you thought you had clearly heard God’s voice and had begun to follow Him. You heard right. God is just carrying you into situations where He can show You just how much He’s able to care for you. He knows that you know: if God can provide water for you in the desert, He can take care of you anywhere else He may lead.


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Charmaine Clancy said...

Sorry for your loss, your approach to a sad situation is quite beautiful.

Caroline said...

As always, Diana, you're in our prayers. Beautiful, inspiring post, Sharon.

Millie Samuelson said...

Marvelous and uplifting comments by you, Diana, and Sharon! And let me personalize your thoughts: I pray I'm just about through the "desert of no traditional publisher". . . Meanwhile, throughout my journey, I have learned SO much from God and been SO guided by his pillars of fire and cloud. . . I'm sure many other writers can say, "Amen"! Thanks, Diana and Sharon! :-)

Caroline said...

Praying for you, Diana. And thank for you sharing such encouragement in your "desert" time.