Friday, October 8, 2010

Susquehanna Writers Conference Begins Tonight in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Susquehanna Writers Conference begins Fri. evening, Oct. 8th and Saturday Oct. 9th and is held at the beautiful Best Western Country Cupboard Inn in Lewisburg, PA. This is the first time it is being held in October. The change in scheduling was made in the hopes the conferees would have the gorgeous fall foliage as additional inspiration for their muse. Pennsylvania is beautiful this time of year and Diana has crossed the state to present two workshops and meet with authors there this weekend.

This writers conference is not exclusively a Christian conference, yet a large portion of the attending authors represent people of faith.

Diana will present two workshops.
Why an Author Needs a Literary Agent and How to Construct an Attention-Grabbing One Sheet. Proposal building will also be addressed and hopefully the attendees will go away better equipped to shop their titles to the agents and markets they are aiming for.

Additional workshops will be given by Fran Fernandez, Lora Zill, Nancy Christie, Cindy Herman, and Joelle Dujardin.

This is a charming setting with some great workshops. I encourage those that are desiring to hone their craft and in the mood for some great food and camaraderie to consider adding this conference to your conference wish list.

Happy Fall y'all,


Caroline said...

sounds like a lovely place. I'd like to visit someday. :)
Have a good trip, Diana


Bonnie Toews said...

Both your workshops will help so many. May your voice remain strong. Blessings and prayers go with you.


Millie Samuelson said...

WOW! What a gorgeous, inspiring writing setting! And Diana, did you note the weeping willow (cf my Hoosier Ink poem) in the photo on the home page?? Hey -- I'm like Bonnie in her email -- maybe I'll attend it next year too -- at least I'd get to see you then. . . Conference blessings and stamina! :-)

Anonymous said...

Safe trip,


Jeanette Levellie said...

Diana: May you bear much fruit for the Kingdom on this trip.

I'd love to see your notes on creating an attention-grabbing one sheet. I'll be others would, too!

Love you,