Thursday, September 16, 2010

A glimpse at the stacks on my desk from Diana

As my colleagues and partners in crime here at Hartline Literary Agency head out to ACFW I thought I might give you a peek at what lies on my desk today. The sort of piles I am shuffling around.

Currently under consideration are: (this means on my must make a decision reading list)
A YA Fantasy with Fairies under a magical spell
A contemporary women's fiction hitting on real life issues
A non fiction women's study, very unique
A non fiction on the tragic consequences of unhealthy relationships
A fiction court room drama based on a true story
A Bipolar memoir and guide to life with Bi polar

In the miscellaneous unsolicited stack I am interested in but have placed in the I like these so maybe later stack:
A memoir of Bi Polar Disorder- several of these (I have a son with Bi Polar and somehow God send me these to review- I have learned a lot form them even though I must pass on the majority of them.)
A true life memoir of a young daughters murder
A parenting title
A romance written by an unpublished author- word count iffy
A cookbook for Dads
A study for Pastors

Genre's I recently rejected:

A New Age sex Guide (really! It is amazing the subject matter we receive- this type of submission shows us the author has not done the research needed.)
A memoir of childhood abuse (we receive so many of this type of story- heartbreaking but not an easy sell in the CBA market)
A Screenplay ( I do not represent screenplay's)
A short story about WW ll (No short stories)
A children's picture book (No picture books or children's)
A YA title that was too old fashioned in it's dialogue

There are many submissions in my email box that I have not gotten to. I will do my best but my contracted authors must take priority and I have submissions to make for them today- full manuscripts of theirs to read and some networking that I must research to help them sell the titles that have recently released.

I have industry blogs to catch up on and a book review I must write that I have promised an author friend.

It was nice chatting with you all today but I must get back to my stacks.

Have a terrific day and remember to pray for our Church Leaders, Our Country, it's leaders and for those in our military.

From my heart to yours,


Jeanette Levellie said...

Whew! And I thought I was busy. Lord, forgive me for whining when my laundry and yard work piles up!

Have fun at ACFW,

Millie Samuelson said...

Diana, I sure enjoyed this view of your "desk"! What a great blog idea! As you can maybe tell, I'm still catching up on my reading from being at the ACFW conf. HEY -- thanks for ALL you do for so many of us, dear awesome agent! New week blessings. . . :-)