Friday, April 23, 2010

Diana's client Doug Varrieur talks about his guest spot on the 700 Club

Every once in a while, as agents, we experience highlights along our career path. One of the sweetest highlights for me recently was scheduling my client, author Doug Varrieur on a 700 Club segment and sitting in the studio audience that day to witness it.

Doug shared helpful, life changing information, found in his newly released book, Fat to Skinny Fast and Easy, (Sterling Publishers, Jan 2010) resulting in such great feedback they have rescheduled him for a return visit June 2nd.

Doug this title, Fat to Skinny Fast and Easy, was birthed from your personal experience. At age 46 you lost more than 100 LBS and have kept it off. When folks get a chance to meet you it is quickly evident that you are passionate about helping others lose the weight they carry. Do you ever tire of speaking about hidden sugars and the danger to ones’ health overeating sugar is? How does this support your mission?

I’ve watched the downturn in American health and I know the suffering first hand that being overweight and having diabetes can cause. I realize the pain many people are in, adults, children and entire families. I weep when I think of an entire generation of kids that will live a shorter life span than their parents. I get angry as I see the lack of commitment from the government and medical community to make the obvious known. Do I ever tire speaking the truth about SUGAR and foods that metabolize into SUGAR…..No…. If you had the cure for cancer could you keep it to yourself? I have the cure for obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, formally known as SUGAR Diabetes and I won’t keep it to myself. Someone MUST reveal the truth to our people, that someone is me.

Can you share here a bit about your experience preparing for and taping the Skinny Wednesdaysegment for the 700 Club at CBN studios? I would imagine it was quite different than doing a radio interview.

The staff at the 700 Club were very professional and gracious. I travel from place to place doing TV interviews. I usually get into town a day ahead of time and hit the grocery store and a couple of restaurants for my “props” During my televised presentation I reveal the hidden sugar in a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner. This requires laying out meals, beverages, sugar, plates, bowls measuring cups etc… I contacted the producer in advance to make sure I had enough time prior to our segment to shop. She laughed and requested a prop list and instructed me not to worry, everything would be set up when I arrived in the studio. It made me smile when I walked in and indeed everything was set up per my instructions. I felt like an honored guest and I was very comfortable with the entire crew. The only preparation I did was to get a good night’s sleep in their wonderful hotel, THE FOUNDERS INN the night before the segment.

What exactly was your schedule like on the day of the taping?

It was very structured and moved right along. 7:20 am off to the studio, 8:00-8:30 rehearsal, 8:30-8:50 make-up, 9:00, in green room waiting to go live.

Did you enjoy promoting your book in this venue, and do you care to share any personal highlights from this?

Being on TV is a breeze if you remember a couple simple rules. Minutes go very quickly so it’s important to prioritize your presentation information so you can get it all in. Always look at the host or hostess and forget about the cameras. In most cases there are three cameras working and it’s difficult to stay on track if you’re trying to also follow the cameras. Don’t sell your book or your website, “teach” your information and allow the host or hostess to bring up your book. You’re there to entertain the audience of the network. Always write back to the anchor and producer and request a short media reference for other potential producers to read. This way they’ll know in advance how you handle yourself.

What kind of response have you received since appearing on the 700 Club. Has it increased your book sales? Sent more folks to your website?

For two weeks solid FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy has been the #1 selling adult Sterling title at Barnes and Noble nationwide. Ranking on Amazon shot up to #32 with #1 position in three different Amazon book categories and stayed in the top 100 on for a week. Over the past two weeks since the 700 club interview I’ve had over 10,000 page views on my website and yes…..many book sales.

What are some of the other creative ways you have promoted your books?

Over and above radio and TV you’ll find an impressive web presence for my books. I think at last count there were 26 back to back Google pages on my name, Doug Varrieur. FAT TO SKINNY ranks #1 for a couple strong key words and phrases and my videos can be found on hundreds of web sites. I promote through the social networks as well like Facebook and Myspace. I keep in constant contact with readers and potential readers through my free support forum located at Here anyone who needs my help can register and get free weight loss support whether they bought any of my books or not. Check it out, it’s a great place to meet people of “like mind”.

Do you have other titles we can look forward to seeing from you?

FAT TO SKINNY is a series of 4 books with a fifth in progress, here’s the titles;

FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy!

FAT TO SKINNY Low Sugar Low Carb Cookbook

FAT TO SKINNY Low Sugar Low Carb Product Guide

FAT TO SKINNY Sugar and Carb Counter

The fifth book in progress is the FAT TO SKINNY Low Sugar Low Carb Bakery. It should be finished in about 3 months….lots to bake and test eat .

I also offer a title called THE CHERRY TREE which is a wonderful self help book based on my life’s experiences.

You have quite a schedule in the coming weeks, flying coast to coast doing more TV and Radio. Joyce and Diana are proud to have booked you on Cornerstone Television near them, and they look forward to seeing you face to face in the ‘Burgh.

Before we say goodbye and allow you to get back to your fans, tell the reader where they might find out more about you.

My website is,

My blog address is



CBN Segment clip:

Doug, any last words for our readers?

Yes, thanks for taking the time to read this interview and please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help to you or your family.

Blessings to all.



writer jim said...


I remember seeing you on TV...I guess it was the 700 Club; but I thought it was more like 6 months ago...before your book release...??
I remember telling one of my best friends about your book--He has diabetes, and takes 4 shots a day.
I'm glad I can tell him to go get your book now.
Praise God that you'll be used to help many who are in great need.

Connie Cameron said...

Thanks for your "heart to help" others with their weight struggle. Praying God blesses you and your wife in a special way for your dedication to this project.
Really appreciated the informative tips on how to do a television interview.
Looking forward to seeing you again on tv in June on the 700 Club!

Caroline said...

As always, a wonderful interview w/Doug! I appreciated the tips and love his book!

Jeanette Levellie said...

Doug and Diana: I loved your interview on 700 Club--I was so proud of you! I laughed when Pat Robertson sputttered at the end, "Well, that's just amazing... I mean, that's really something..." He was speechless!

May the Lord continue to honor you as you seek to help others,

Carrie Turansky said...

Great info! Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job promoting your book and educating and encouraging people.