Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Writing Goals for the New Year?

Happy New Year one and all!

I have been away from my desk almost two weeks now, visitng with family and friends. Planes, and many automobiles, (no trains this trip) have passed me and my luggage across the state of Pennsylvania, east to west. I am now in Pittsburgh. :-) Later today another friend will transfer my luggage into her cars trunk and I will sleep at her home near the airport where she will deliver me early tomorrow morning for my 9 am flight back to North Carolina.

Today I get to visit with Joyce Hart at Hartline's main office. We will catch up on a few personal things of course but I hope to go over several projects I am working on now and get her advice. Since Joyce has been in this business over 30 years, I value her wisdom and suggestions.

When I packed my lap top, I had hopes of catching up on manuscript reading and even put my kindle in the bag.

How much reading did I get done? Not a lot.

But I did bake gingerbread cookies with my niece, sing Karioke Christmas Day with family, friends and my son. I painted at a store where we can choose ceramics, and then they fire glaze them after wards. My creation will arrive by mail later. :-) I watched a chick flick and my friends and I laughed our heads off a few times over silly things girls can giggle over. I ate way too many carbs and sugarcoated items, while sitting around in my jammies, texting Christmas greetings and New Year hellos to folks all over creation.

But today, I get back to work.

And I am grateful. I represent incredibly gifted people. They arrange words in ways that inspire me or make me laugh out loud, weep or breath in deeply the joy of living.

May this year be one in which we all learn something new, reasses our priorities and dream big dreams. After all, we serve and know a God who spoke all we know into existance. He is the author of our salvation. There is no end to His creativity, and He loves to use us to speak, to touch and to love others. Words fail me but maybe a few of you can make a comment as to how you hope to allow Him to speak through you this year?

New Year Blessings to all,


Last week author first page was submitted by Dustin Turner:  Dustin is an entrepreneur, world traveler and former International Field Director for a Christian medical relief agency. His work has taken him to such global hot spots as Sudan, Eritrea, Egypt, Mauritania, Cambodia, China, and Haiti. Dustin lives with his wife and three kids in Kansas City. " For those interested, additional samples are available at


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